Using 2D images to create 3D models. It’s an easy way to get started learning 3D modeling.

This is for the people just getting into 3D Printers, 3D Modeling or CNC machines. This way is super easy and about as beginner friendly as it can get.

Search for “3D Builder”

Click to Install it

Open up 3D Builder

Choose new scene

Insert > Add > and then scroll down and Click “Load Image”

Browse to the image you want to convert to a 3D Model

Note: Contrasting colors seem to work the best, I use red and white because they get separated properly.

Open your image

Now Use the “levels” and the “smooth” sliders to get the model to desired look.

Now click “Add” to import your image.

Repeat this process with the same image while using the “Invert” toggle. Combine the image imports and merge
to get a complete 3d model. Adjust as necessary.